"Get Free Publicity For Your Event With the Blindfold Drive"

Powerful Publicity For You

The two photos above demonstrate how a tremendous amount of publicity can be created for your event when Godfrey the Magician performs the blindfold drive.  There was TV coverage on three stations, on the ground and even from a helicopter.

Wouldn’t you like to have that type of publicity for your special event?

"Discover How to Generate Tons of Free Publicity for Your Event by Watching this Video..."


This one blindfold drive created FREE publicity on three TV stations and on the radio for the Maricopa County Fair.

You’ll Love Having Godfrey Drive Anything Blindfolded for Your Event 

Your event is guaranteed to get free publicity because the media is fascinated with Godfrey performing the blindfold drive.

"It's the Best Advertising Decision We Ever Made!"

"Godfrey is AMAZING and sure to get you a ton of free publicity. We got

together and tossed around the idea of driving a tractor down a major

thoroughfare during rush hour. There was no doubt that would get us some

attention but when Godfrey agreed to drive blindfolded we knew we had a hit!

The fair ended up being covered by every major network news outlet covering

the drive. It's the best advertising decision we ever made!

The blindfold tractor drive Godfrey did at the Maricopa County Fair was pure publicity gold. The event was covered from the air, by reporters on the ground, in studio on broadcast TV and radio. It was covered by every major TV news outlet in Phoenix. Total media cost $0."

- Michael Searle

Maricopa County Fair Manager


 Owner of Fair Executives Company

Godfrey the Magician has driven blindfolded a pick-up truck, farm tractor, all terrain vehicle, and it could even be a fancy expensive convertible.

Use your imagination and come up with something unique that he can drive for your event.  Godfrey would love the challenge!

You Can See For Yourself That Godfrey Will Get You A Lot of Publicity By Watching The Below Video...

You’ll Be a Hero Having Godfrey Entertain at Your Event

You could also have Godfrey entertain the masses of people that the blindfold drive created for your event.  Godfrey has been a professional comedy magician since 1982.

“Entertaining, Funny and Clean”

“Your magic tricks not only blew our minds, but your commentaries and crowd interaction put your performance over the top.  The elevation illusion was my personal favorite.  I am still trying to figure that one out.  It is always hard to find someone that is entertaining, funny and clean, but you were all three.”

Jeri Lynn Shay, Hecht, Solberg, Robinson, Goldberg & Bagley LLP, San Diego, CA

“It was Wonderful to Laugh” 

“You are very talented and gifted, but what made it more outstanding for me is your humor.  It was wonderful to laugh.” 

Jeanne Jopling, San Diego, CA

“Had Our Crowds Oohing, Aahing, and Laughing”

“You are a truly professional magician/comedian and had our crowds oohing, aahing, and laughing well after your shows had finished.”

Don Slone, CEO, Harney County Fair, Burns, OR

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